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Domain Name Scan

I received this today and thought it was odd. Why should a company care whether some other company wants to buy a domain name like mine but with a different extension? Especially a company in China, a country not known … Continue reading

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Google Adwords Phishing Attempt

If you advertise on Google, read this please. A client received an email that appeared to be from Google Adwords saying that her campaigns had been stopped and it had a link to follow so she could review the issues. … Continue reading

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Scams and Spam

Under the guise of religion, scammers try to get product without paying. Continue reading

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How Stupid Are People?

The following email came to me.  How stupid are people that they would actually respond to something like this from someone they don’t know?   I guess pretty stupid since this type of thing has been going around since the Internet … Continue reading

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