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Do’s, Dont’s, Cart Suggestions, and Ecommerce Ideas

Adwords Updates First Quarter 2015

1.  Hotel related Ads introduced, specifically geared to users wanting to book online and, in particular, via their phone. 2.  Call-only ad campaigns for mobile devices since, according to Google,  70% of mobile searchers call a business directly from search results. … Continue reading

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Tweet Information Not Ads

Google is valuing content over pure commerce, and one way to make them – and your customers – view you and your business as more than a pitchman trying to sell, sell, sell is to use Twitter to share information … Continue reading

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Google’s Product Listing – How it works

If you sell products online, you may have submitted them to: Froogle (the first name Google had for its shopping platform) Google Base (the second name) Merchant Center (the third name) and now, ta-da, Product Listing. Over the years it … Continue reading

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Update WordPress

Updates to programs include bug fixes as well security fixes, so whether it’s your WordPress or other blog or your shopping cart, you should always apply updates when they become available.

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Are You Making Money on Your Site?

To use the jargon, are you monetizing your site?   The most common way to monetize a site is to use Google Adsense to show Google ads on your website. “But I don’t want people to leave my site or buy … Continue reading

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