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Blogs as Websites

Twice recently, I’ve been directed to websites that were blogs and when I told the people who had directed me that the sites were blogs, they asked what the difference was.  So here you go: Blogs (a corruption–or abbreviation–of “web log”) … Continue reading

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PDShop Shipping Field

A client and I just found out the hard way that the PDShop cart has a 50 character limit in the Shipping Methods field. If you exceed that, it lets you and doesn’t tell you that customers will no longer … Continue reading

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Images Reminder

There are 3 components to an image you might use on your website: How much space does it take up in your computer or on the server?   That’s the file size and it’s measure in kilobytes or megabytes – preferably … Continue reading

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Google’s Localized Search Results

In my business (SEO), I rarely click a client’s bookmarked site to get there.  I do a search for a keyword/phrase we’re working on.    Since Google’s last switcheroo, I’ve noticed that all my results seem to be concentrated in the … Continue reading

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